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A statement from owner Kayo Asazu:

Dear friends, family & loyal guests,

It has come to my attention that we, Kome Sushi Kitchen, have disappointed the community in regards to my reported opinion on the Sick Leave Policy, which passed late last night. Please know that we do not oppose paid sick leave, rather the hastiness in which the decision was made. As it stands, if an employee is ill they may call out of their shift and see a doctor for treatment; no employee should have to work if they are ill, plain and simple. Additionally, we have no intention of having sick employees work, it is a direct violation of health code and in our opinion, human code. We offer our staff a myriad of benefits, which includes a matching 401(k) program and health insurance to name a few, so we would prefer to keep the decision on how to govern paid time off in house, rather than something that is mandated by the city. Our opinion is not a direct reflection of how our restaurant operates, the health of our employees, how we treat our staff, or what additional benefits we offer them to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. We are happy to move forward with this new policy; however, the discussion of this topic is complex but necessary and we hope we have shed some light on our original viewpoint on the subject. Thank you for your time and understanding on the matter.